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2006-04-25-11 Dacryocystocele, 3D © Jeanty

Dacryocystocele, 3D

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD, Juliana Leite, MD, Pamela Ross, RDMS, RDCS

Tennessee Women"s Care, Nashville, TN

This is a 3D-scan of a bilateral dacryocystoceles seen at 37 weeks of gestation. The examination revealed two cystic masses located inferior-medial to the eyes. Inside the cysts, there was echogenic material inside the dacryocystoceles. No other associated anomalies were seen. After birth, the face of the baby was completely normal. A clinical examination did not reveal any mass. At day 5, the cysts appeared bilateral and drained spontaneously after a few days

Note the bilateral dacryocystoceles with a echogenic material inside.




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