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2006-05-01-11 Diaphragmatic hernia © Ruiz


Diaphragmatic hernia

Vicente Jesus Ruiz, MD

Centro de Ecografia, Salta, Argentina

This is a 34-year-old-woman, G4P1A2, at 34 weeks gestation with a diaphragmatic hernia. The baby was born and died immediately. The autopsy confirmed the diaphragmatic hernia. The left hemithorax was occupied by abdominal organs as stomach, colon, appendix, left hepatic lobe, spleen. A karyotype was performed with an abnormal result (45, X0). A Turner"s syndrome was the final diagnosis.

Axial views of the chest showing the left hemithorax occupied by an heterogeneous mass

Note the stomach into the left hemithorax

Note the absence of the stomach in the axial section of the abdomen

Single umbilical artery

Chest radiography immediately after birth: gastric probe into the left hemithorax

Autopsy. Left hemithorax occupied by abdominal organs: stomach, colon, appendix, left hepatic lobe, spleen.


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