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2006-05-04-16 Hypoplastic kidney, unilateral © Cuillier

Hypoplastic kidney, unilateral 

Cuillier F, MD*, Deshayes M, MD**, Bourdil JP, MD****

* Service de Gynécologie, Hôpital Félix Guyon  ** Cabinet d’Echographie, Route de Moufia **** Obstétricien, Quartier du Chaudron, Saint-Denis, Ile de la réunion, France

Case report: This is a 33-year-old woman, G2P1, scanned in our unit at 36 weeks. First trimester screening (nuchal translucency and triple test) was normal. During the second trimester, a sonographer diagnosed a right polycystic kidney with a mild ureteral dilatation and a normal left kidney. The bladder was also normal.  At 36 weeks, the ultrasound findings were:

  • normal bladder
  • normal umbilical cord
  • normal amniotic fluid volume
  • normal left kidney with a normal corticomedullary differentiation
  • an abnormal right kidney which was hypoplastic (20 X 12 mm) with an abnormal corticomedullary differentiation.

The findings did not change at 38 weeks. The baby was delivered vaginally (male, 3200 g). At day five, the kidney abnormalities were confirmed by ultrasound. Nevertheless the creatinine level was normal. One month latter, a scintigraphy was performed. The right kidney was not functional. The baby did not undergo a surgery. These kidney abnormalities were certainly due to a multicystic kidney involution.


Parasagittal view of the right and left kidney at 36 weeks. Note the left kidney with normal corticomedullary differentiation

Parasagittal view of the right kidney at 36 weeks. Note that there is no normal corticomedullary differentiation and there is also a small cyst on the right kidney.

Transverse view of the both kidneys. Note the difference of size between them.


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