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2006-07-03-11 Gastroschisis © Cuillier


Fabrice Cuillier, MD*, Soler C, MD**

* Department of Gynecology, Félix Guyon’Hospital ** Gynecologist, 8bis Verdun" street,  Ile de la Réunion, France.

This is a 16-year-old primigravida. The nuchal translucency and the triple test were normal. At 22 weeks, a gastroschisis was diagnosed. There was no other anomaly. An amniocentesis was performed at 30 weeks (46 XY).  A few days later some uterine contractions occurred. The patient was hospitalized in our antenatal unit. At 32 weeks we noted stomach and bowel dilatation. There was no bowel peristalsis. At 32 weeks and 3 days, the stomach dilatation disappeared. Premature rupture of membranes occurred spontaneously. A cesarean was performed (1500g). The baby was operated on immediately. The baby has had normal growth since.


3D view of the bowel

The dilatation of the stomach at 32 weeks


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