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2006-08-22-10 Bilateral cleft lip with cleft palate © Werner

Bilateral cleft lip with cleft palate 

Heron Werner, MD

Clinica de Diagnostico por Imagem (CDPI), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The cleft lip with cleft palate represents a failure of lip and palate closure. Approximately 80% of cleft lip also has an associated cleft palate. Unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate is the most common form. The 3D ultrasound allows a better evaluation of the soft tissue and bone structures using the render mode and multiplanar capability. These anomalies can also be detected by MRI, especially when the assess of the fetal face is difficult by ultrasound. The karyotype should be offered because the increased risk for aneuploidy.


Sagittal and axial ultrasound showed a premaxillary protuberance from cleft palate and bilateral cleft lip 

Multiplanar view of the fetal face

Coronal view shows bilateral cleft lip (arrows)

Coronal and axial T2 shows the failure of palate closure (arrow)

Sagittal T2 shows the cleft palate (arrow)

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