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2006-10-17-12 Bilateral renal agenesis © Vicente Jesus Ruiz

Bilateral renal agenesis

Vicente Jesus Ruis, MD

Centro De Ecografia Dr. Vicente J. Ruiz, 25 De Mayo 620, (4400) Salta, Argentina

These are some pictures of bilateral renal agenesis. The fetus had also sirenomelia, that is not documented on the pictures. 

Longitudinal and transverse views of the fetal abdomen. The right kidney is absent and only right adrenal gland is visible (it can mimic kidney)

Longitudinal and transverse views of the fetal abdomen. The left kidney is also absent and only left adrenal gland is visible

Absence of renal arteries

Absence of amniotic fluid - only a cord loop is seen next to fetal abdomen (left) and small stomach due to severe oligohydramnios (right)

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