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2006-11-10-14 Limb-body wall complex © Dudarewicz

Limb-body wall complex

Lech Dudarewicz, MD


This is a case of 26-year-old patient with family history of upper limb asymmetrical reduction deficit in a distant relative, but otherwise insignificant family history and no environmental exposure. She was scanned at 13th week of pregnancy and the ultrasound revealed next findings.

  • Huge abdominal wall defect with liver, intestines and stomach herniated outside



  • Marked angulation of the spine at the level of the thoracic and lumbar border, with rib cage deformation



  • Clubfoot deformity of a leg


  • Floating amnion with delayed amnion-chorion fusion. Normal NT measurement.



  • NT was in the normal range
  • Cardiac anatomy appeared normal
  • Very short umbilical cord
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