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2006-11-28-09 Chiari malformation, type II © Manohar


Chiari malformation, type II

S. Manohar, MD, DMRD

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India


A G2P1 presented in our department at 19th week of pregnancy with following ultrasonographic findings:

1. Lemon shape of fetal skull

2. Dilated lateral ventricles with dangling Choroid plexus

3. Open neural tube defect in lumbar region

4. Cervical incompetence with prominent amnion into upper and mid third of vagina

The pregnancy ended up by spontaneous abortion of the anomalous fetus. Here are some images that we obtained:

Pictures 1, 2: Transversal scans through lumbar region with open neural tube defect.


Pictures 3, 4: Severe cervical incompetence with prominent membranes to vagina.


Pictures 5, 6, 7: Dilated lateral cerebral ventricles of the fetus and cervical incompetence.





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