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2000-12-16-12 Trisomy 13 at 11 weeks © Boujemaa

Trisomy 13 at 11 weeks

Boujemaa Oueslati , MD

Ben Ammar Kais, Tunis

This fetus was first scanned at 11 weeks and 4 days.  A large nuchal lucency is identified as well as alobar holoprosencephaly, hypotelorism with fused orbits a proboscis and relative tachycardia (see the textbook of Rosalyn Snijder and Kypros Nicolaides for a graph of cardiac frequencies and chromosomal anomalies).

The large nuchal lucency (5 mm).



The alobar holoprosencephaly


Fused orbits

Proboscis  (pictures 1 & 2 ) and "flat" profile (picture 3 below)


Relative tachycardia at 200bpm (max = 180bpm)

The fetus after delivery


Cyclopia and proboscis


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