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Articles » Maternal conditions that affect the fetus » Uterine synechiae
2007-01-11-14 Uterine synechia in pregnancy © Fox

Uterine synechia in pregnancy 


David Fox, MD

Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, USA


This is a case of maternal uterine synechia during pregnancy. We found a vessel inside a synechial band with pulsatility concordant with mother"s pulse. This is very useful distinguishing criterion from amniotic bands as uterine synechia often imitate them. Here are some images showing our findings.

Images 1, 2. Synechial band imitating amniotic band.


Images 3, 4. Synechial band near fetal head (left); and Doppler image showing a vessel inside the band.


Images 5, 6. Doppler images of vessel inside the band.


Images 7, 8. Comparison between fetal heart rate (left - 146 beats per minute) and maternal heart rate at the level of the vessel inside uterine synechia (right - 71 beats per minute).


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