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2007-01-28-18 Diaphragmatic hernia, left-sided © Kacar

Diaphragmatic hernia, left-sided 


Alaattin Kacar, MD, Faruk Dincsahin, MD, Jale Gurluler, MD, Gulin Okan, MD, Melike Yildirim, MD.

Jimer Bursa Turkey

This case demonstrates a left-sided diaphragmatic hernia. Here are some pictures we obteined at 30th week of pregnancy.

Images 1, 2. Transverse (left) and sagittal (right) planes through the thorax showing "cystic structure" (stomach) displaced to thoracic cavity next to the heart. 


Images 3, 4. Transverse views with color Doppler imagination of the heart with displaced heart in the thoracic cavity.


Image 5. Sagittal color Doppler plane showing displaced stomach into the thoracic cavity behind the heart.  



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