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2007-01-28-19 Hypoplastic left heart syndrome © Kacar www.thefetus.net/

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome 

Alaattin Kacar, MD, Faruk Dincsahin, MD, Jale Gurluler, MD, Gulin Okan, MD, Melike Yildirim, MD.

Jimer Bursa Turkey

This is a case of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Karyotype was normal. Here are a few pictures that we obtained.

Images 1, 2. Transverse view showing thin aorta and small left ventricle (image 1- left) and a four chamber view showing disproportion between small left and large right ventricle (image 2 - right).


Images 3, 4. Color Doppler images showing disproportion between small left and large right ventricle.


Images 5, 6. Three vessel views showing dilated pulmonary artery and thin aorta.


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