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2007-01-29-09 Spina bifida, lumbar © Kacar www.thefetus.net/


Spina bifida, lumbar

Alaattin Kacar, MD, Melike Yildirim, MD, Gulin Okan, MD, Faruk Dincsahin, MD, Jale Gurluler, MD.

Jimer Bursa Turkey

This is a case of lumbar meningomyelocele at 15 weeks. Note the "lemon" and "banana" signs.

Images 1, 2. "Banana sign" (left) and "lemon sign" (right).


Images 3, 4. Coronal plane through lumbar spine showing rachischisis with widening of the interpeduncular distance (left) and sagittal plane of the spine (right).



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