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2007-02-07-16 Cranial meningocele © Mansour

Cranial meningocele

Ghada M. Mansour, MD; Mohamed El M Andooh, MD, Medhat Abd El-Hady, MD.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.


This is patient presented to our department at 36 weeks gestation. Her first level ultrasound scan revealed "septations" in the amniotic fluid. The septations were actually a cyst related to the back of the fetus. Fetus was in occipitoanterior position with the fetal spine anteriorly located. The meningocele originated from the skull with no brain matter inside, imitated septations in amniotic fluid. Caesarean section was done and postnatal examination confirmed the diagnosis. Here are some of the images we obtained.

Images 1, 2. 36 week of gestation - a 2D transverse scan through the skull showing a big cystic structure dorsally to the fetal head - meningocele (left); and a 2D transverse plane through the meningocele with a thin septum inside (right).


Images 3, 4. 36 week of gestation - a 2D sagittal scan through the fetal spine showing a meningocele dorsally to the spine, with the septation inside, imitating septums inside the amniotic cavity (left); and a 3D image showing the sac of meningocele next to the fetal spine (right).


Images 5, 6. Postnatal appearance of the baby with the big dorsal cranial meningocele.