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2007-03-03-14 Myelomeningocele, thoracic © Badea

Myelomeningocele, thoracic

Valeria Badea, MD; Tudor Iacovache, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Brasov, Romania.

Case report:

These are some prenatal and postnatal images of thoracal myelomeningocele we obtained.

Images 1, 2: Transverse 2D scans through the thorax showing hypoechoic sac of myelomeningocele protruding dorsally.


Images 3, 4: Transverse section through the skull showing dilated lateral ventricles (left); and sagittal section through thoracic spine with myelomeningocele extends dorsally.


Image 5: Postnatal appearance of the baby.


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