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2000-05-25-14 Cloacal dysgenesis sequence © Jeanty

Cloacal dysgenesis sequence

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Definition: Association of an imperforate anus with confluence of the rectum, vagina, and bladder in a urogenital sinus.

Etymology: Cloaca = sewer in Latin.

Synonyms: Anorectal anomalies, persistent cloaca, cloacal malformations.

Incidence: Cloacal malformations occur in approximately 0.2:10,000 live female births[1]. The incidence in male is not well established which may result from an ascertainment bias.

Etiology: Sporadic. Rare cases have been associated with chromosomal anomalies[2],6. In the mouse, a similar type of anomalies occur with mutations of the Hoxa-13 and Hoxd-13[3] and Etretinate, a synthetic retinoid can cause similar anomalies[4].

Diagnosis: The typical appearance is that of a pelvic fluid-filled structure, whose appearance depends on the anatomy involved and the gestational age[5],[6]. In the first trimester, the main finding may be dilated loops of bowel, then megacystis, ascites and oligo/anhydramnios occurs when no external opening is present. The perineum is smooth with absence of anal, urethral, and/or vaginal openings. The labia majora and minora may be absent in females and the scrotum and penis may be absent or hypoplastic in males[7],[8],[9].

Cloacal dysgenesis with vesico-rectal fistula (courtesy Peter Twining, Nottingham, UK)

Differential diagnosis: Obstructive uropathy, but a large bladder should be visible and Vacterl.

Associated anomalies: cardiac, pulmonary (hypoplastic lungs), renal (renal agenesis, dysplasia, hydronephrosis, hydroureters), gastrointestinal (intraluminal colonic calcifications) skeletal and vertebral anomalies[10], growth restriction, single umbilical artery9.

Prognosis: in cases with no outlet of the urine into the amniotic cavity, the prognosis is fatal due to lung hypoplasia, but there are exceptions7. Among those surviving to surgery, in a large series of 141 patients[11]:

·        82 have spontaneous bowel movements and satisfactory control,

·        38 use enemas to evacuate,

·        9 have a colostomy,

·        7 have fecal soiling, and

·        5 are too recently operated to evaluate.

Regarding urinary control,

·        83 void spontaneously,

·        40 catheterize to empty,

·        4 have urinary diversion,

·        1 has a continent diversion,

·        5 patients are wet, and

·        8 are too recently operated to judge11.

Twenty-four patients are now adults, 17 of who have experienced coitus and 7 have not. Seven have had babies, all except one by cesarean section11. Others have also reported normal vaginal deliveries[12].

Management: Prenatal: in the absence of amniotic fluid, the pregnancy can be managed as non-viable. Postnatally, the management depends on the type of anomalies and associated malformations.


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