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2007-06-25-18 Gallstones © Casoli

Marzio Casoli, MD.

Via Lorenzoni 15, 50051, Castelfiorentino (Firenze), Italy.

Case report

A 30-year old primigravida scanned at 37th week of pregnancy. A non-shadowing echogenic material was seen in the fetal gallbladder and was considered to be a biliary sludge. The male baby was delivered at 41st week of pregnancy (3520 g). Postnatal ultrasound found multiple little gallstones. At sixth day of life a small gallstone, with acoustic shadowing, was still present in baby"s gallbladder. Five months after delivery the gallstones were no longer visible.

Images 1, 2: 37 weeks of pregnancy. Transverse scans through the abdomen at the level of the gallbladder showing its hyperechoic content.



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