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2007-07-24-10 Acrania and craniorachischisis © Pai

Acrania and craniorachischisis

Muralidhar V. Pai; J. Nambiar, MD; D. Pandey, MD; Garima, MD.

Department of obstetric and gynecology, KMC, Manipal 576104, India.



Case report

A 33 year-old G3P1, with unremarkable history, presented at 21 weeks of gestation for a routine ultrasonographic scan. Our investigation revealed acrania with craniorachischisis. The patient underwent termination of the pregnancy which confirmed the anomalies. 

Images 1, 2: 21st week of pregnancy - axial (image 1) and sagittal (image 2) plane showing acrania with protruding brain tissue.


Images 3, 4: 21st week of pregnancy - coronal (image 3) and transverse (image 4) planes showing the rachischisis.


Images 5: Pathological specimen showing craniorachischisis.


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