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2007-07-24-13 Fetal goiter © Rokade

Fetal goiter

Muktachand Rokade, MD.




Case report

A thyrotoxic woman G2P2A0, presented at 18 weeks of pregnancy. The ultrasound investigation showed a fetal goiter with no other anomalies. Repeated scan at 26th week confirmed the finding of the fetal goiter and a mild polyhydramnios was observed. The further course of pregnancy was unremarkable and the fetus was delivered at 35 weeks via Caesarian section. Mild hypothyroidism was laboratory confirmed and the results went to the normal levels after two weeks. The finding of fetal goiter was attributed to maternal antithyroid drugs intake during pregnancy.

Images 1, 2: 2D parasagittal scans showing fetal goiter.


Image 3: 2D parasagittal scans showing fetal goiter.

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