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2007-08-01-10 Posterior urethral valves © Rokade

Posterior urethral valves

Muktachand Rokade, MD.




Case report

These are some images depicting posterior urethral valves of a third trimester fetus.

Images 1, 2: Image 1 shows dilated thick-walled urinary bladder and dilated posterior urethra. Image 2 shows transverse scan through the hyperechoic kidneys presented with dilated pelvicaliceal system.


Images 3, 4: Image 3 shows a hyperechoic kidney presenting with secondary dysplastic changes. Image 4 shows a severe oligohydramnios.


Images 5, 6: Image 5 shows a tortuous dilated ureter. Image 6 - color Doppler scan showing just one umbilical artery passing around the urinary bladder.


Image 7: Power Doppler scan demonstrating single umbilical artery passing around the urinary bladder.


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