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2007-09-19-09 Urethral atresia © Das
Urethral atresia

Debabrata Das, MD.

Ultra Care, Coimbatore, India


Case report

This is a case of congenital urethral atresia. The mother was referred to our unit at 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Images 1, 2: 22 weeks of pregnancy; Image 1 shows transverse scan through the abdomen filled with dilated bladder. Behind the bladder the dilated kidneys are also visible. Image 2 represents a sagittal scan of the fetus with dominant dilated bladder filling the abdomen. The presence of amniotic fluid around hte fetus is not explained.


Image 3: 22 weeks of pregnancy; 3D image showing dilated urinary bladder of the fetus.

Images 4, 5: Pathological images showing dilated abdomen (Image 4) and dilated urinary bladder (Image 5) of the aborted fetus.


Images 6, 7: Pathological images showing the inside view of the dilated urinary bladder (image 6) and dilated ureter (image 7).



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