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2007-11-12-12 Cleft lip, unilateral © Cuillier
Cleft lip, unilateral


Fabrice Cuillier, MD*; J. Bideaul, MD**; D. Daguindeau, MD**.

*  Department of Gynecology, Felix Martin"Hospital, 97460 Saint-Paul, Ile de la Réunion, France;

** Gynecologist, Félix Guyon’Hospital, 97400 Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France.


Case report

This is a 30-year-old woman with non contributive obstetrical history. Her first ultrasound scan and the triple test were normal. At 24 weeks, the sonography discovered a unilateral right cleft lip. No others malformations were detected except of the persistent left superior vena cava. The baby was delivered at 36 weeks and the findings were confirmed.

Images 1, 2: 28 weeks; the image 1 shows a coronal scan aligned with the fetal lips and nose. The right cleft of the upper lip is clearly visible. The image 2 shows normal four-chamber view of the heart with nicely depicted persistent left superior vena cava (finger).


Images 3, 4: 29 weeks; the 3D images showing the face of the fetus with the right cleft of the upper lip.


Video 1: The video shows sagittal-parasagittal sweep scan of the fetal head. The defect of the upper lip is visible when the sweep passes the right part of the upper lip.


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