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2007-12-03-02 Cord entanglement © Duchatel
Cord entanglement

François Duchatel, MD.




Case report

A G2P1 patient was first time seen in our unit at 22 weeks of pregnancy. Monochorionic, monoamniotic pregnancy with eutrophic fetuses and entanglement of the umbilical cords were found. Resistant indexes of the umbilical arteries in both fetuses were normal: fetus A = 0.78, fetus B = 0.63. The follow up scans were performed every week and the growth of the twins was normal with no alteration of the fetal heart rates and umbilical arteries Doppler resistant indexes. A cesarean section was done at 34.1 weeks and two healthy girls were delivered (1650 g and 1870 g).

Images 1, 2: The images show a gray scale (image 1) and a color Doppler (image 2) images of the cord entanglement.


Image 3: The image shows a 3D imagination of the cord entanglement.


Images 4, 5: The images show a postnatal appearance of the the cord entanglement.



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