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2007-12-29-02 Lymphangioma, cervical © Quiroga
Lymphangioma, cervical 


Héctor Quiroga, MD; Corina García, MD.

Hospital Central Universitario Antonio María Pineda. Barquisimeto. Estado Lara-Venezuela. 


Case report


This is a case of cervical lymphangioma detected at 27 weeks of pregnancy. The diagnosis was confirmed after delivery and the tumor was removed surgically.

Images 1, 2: The images show a hypoechoic tumor in the cervical region of the fetus representing the large lymphangioma.


Images 3, 4: 3D images showing the cervical region of the fetus with a tumorous mass of the neck representing the lymphangioma.


Images 5, 6: The head and the neck of the baby with the cervical lymphangioma.



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