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2008-03-26-18 Ectopic left kidney with multiple renal arteries © Manson
Ectopic left kidney with multiple renal arteries


Francois Manson, MD.

Fécamp, France. 


Case report

We present a case of left ectopic kidney diagnosed at 22 weeks. The left kidney was localized near the left iliac wing while the right kidney was normal in structure and location. The ectopic kidney grew normally during pregnancy. We also found multiple vascularization of the ectopic kidney. The findings were confirmed by sonography after birth. Unfortunately, vascularization of the ectopic kidney was not studied during the postnatal sonography and the newborn was lost from our follow up.

Images 1, 2: 22 weeks. Image 1 shows positions of both kidneys. The left kidney (LK) appears clearly below the stomach, while the right kidney (RK) seems to be in normal position. Image 2 shows relation of the left ectopic kidney to the iliac wing (IW).


Images 3, 4: Image 3 shows saggital section of the left ectopic kidney at 22 weeks. Image 4 (23 weeks) shows normal left renal artery originating from descending aorta at the same level as the right renal artery. The left renal artery seems to feed the upper pole of the left kidney. 


Images 5, 6: Image 5 shows additional left renal artery originating from the descending aorta at the level of aortic bifurcation. Image 6 shows another two additional arterial supplies (one of them originates from iliac artery - PIA). LK - left kidney.


Images 7, 8: Image 7 shows the left kidney with two renal arteries. Image 8 represent an axial section of the additional left renal artery (LRA) feeding the left ectopic kidney (LK).



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