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2008-03-29-19 Succenturiate placenta © Manson
Succenturiate placenta

Francois Manson, MD.

Fécamp, France. 


Case report

Following images show a case of succenturiate placenta discovered at 22 weeks. The main lobe of the placenta was localized at posterior uterine wall and the succenturiate lobe laid at the anterior wall of the uterus. Vasa previa were not present. The pregnancy was uneventful. The diagnosis was confirmed at birth.

Images 1, 2: Image 1 shows the main part of the placenta located posteriorly (*) and the succenturiate lobe (**) anteriorly. There is no placental tissue between them. Image 2 represents the same section showing a vessel joinning both parts of the placentas.


Image 3: The image shows insertion of the umbilical cord to the main placental lobe.


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