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2008-04-16-12 Chiari malformation, type II © Syla
Chiari malformation, type II 


Bajram H. Syla, MD*; Shqipe Fetiu, MD**; Shpresa Tafarshiku, MD*; Valbona Qela, MD*.

*   Gynecological Clinic  “Dr. Bajrami” , Ferizaj , Kosova;
**  University Clinical Center – Gynecological Clinic, Pristine, Kosova.

Case report

Following images show a case of spina bifida with the Chiari malformation type II diagnosed at 17th week of pregnancy.


Images 1 and 2: 17 weeks of pregnancy; transverse scans of the "lemon-shaped" fetal skull. Image 2 also shows a "banana-shaped" cerebellum; the cisterna magna can"t be seen.


Image 3: 17 weeks of pregnancy; the spine seemed to be normal during our examinations and the spina bifida was discovered just after delivery.


Images 4, 5: Postnatal appearance of the neonate. Consequent hydrocephalus had developed and despite of surgical interventions the baby died 17 months after delivery.



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