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2008-05-07-08 Primary vesicoureteral reflux and duplex kidney © Molina
Primary vesicoureteral reflux and duplex kidney

Andrés Arencibia Molina, MD.

Complejo Hospitalario Materno Insular de Gran Canaria. Spain. Servicio de Obstetricia y Ginecología.

Correspondence to: Andrés Arencibia Molina, Paseo de Lugo nº 16,  Piso Primero (3), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Apartado 35004. España.


Case report

A 30-year-old woman with negative family history and normal first and second trimester ultrasonographic examinations, presented to our department at 39th week of her pregnancy. Routine obstetric ultrasound showed a hypoechoic structure in the upper moiety of the right fetal kidney. There was no evidence of an ureterocele in the urinary bladder and normo-hydramnios was present. The neonate was delivered at 40 weeks (3200 g). Postnatal studies revealed duplex kidney and severe right vesicoureteral reflux. Antibiotic prophylaxis regimen was administred to the child to prevent urinary infections and its renal functions are monitored.

Images 1, 2: Image 1 shows an axial view of the fetal abdomen with severe hydronephrosis and decreased thickness of renal parenchyma of the right kidney. Image 2 shows sagittal view of the right kidney with hydronephrosis in the upper pole.


Image 3, 4: Image 3 represents a detailed view of the right fetal kidney with hydronephrosis in its upper pole. Image 4 shows postnatal appearance of the right kidney with tortuous course of the right ureter and hydronephrotic dilatation of the upper pole of the right kidney.


Images 5, 6: The images show a severe right vesicoureteral reflux obtained by cystoureterography.



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