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2008-06-19-14 Diastematomyelia © Andreeva

Elena Andreeva, MD*; Natalia Odegova, MD*; Natalia Bortnovskaya, MD**; Alexandr Michin, MD**.

*  Gomel medical genetic center;
** Pathological department, Gomel, Belarus.



Case report

Following images show a case of diastematomyelia diagnosed at 22 weeks in our department. The parents opted for the termination of the pregnancy and the diagnosis was confirmed by the pathological study. Karyotype was normal.

Images 1, 2: Image 1 shows transverse scan of the fetal lumbar spinal region with a bony spur (arrow) dividing the spinal canal into two parts. The soft tissues above the spur are intact. Image 2 shows coronal scan of the same region with the bony spur dividing the spinal canal.


Images 3, 4: Images 3 shows widening of the lumbar spine of the fetus with the bony spur projecting posteriorly. Image 4 shows normal transverse scans of the fetal head - the lateral ventricles are of normal diameter and the cerebellum has normal morphology and shape.


Image 5: 3D imagination of the lumbar spine showing the bony spur in the midline projecting posteriorly.


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