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2008-07-27-09 Spina bifida, lumbar © Contarin
Spina bifida, lumbar

Francesco Contarin, MD*; José M. Ventosa, MD**.

*  Clinica Sanatrix, Caracas, Venezuela;
** Policlinica Santiago de León, Caracas, Venezuela.



Case report

A 32-year-old woman (G2, P1) with non contributive history presented to our office at 16 week of gestation. Our investigation revealed a defect of the lumbar spine (spina bifida) with some cranial findings (lemon sign) accompanying the lumbar defect.

Images 1, 2: Image 1 shows an axial scan of the fetal skull with bifrontal deformity of the calvaria - "lemon sign" (arrows). The image 2 shows coronal scan of the fetal head demonstrating the bifrontal deformity of the calvaria accompanying the lumbar spina bifida. 


Images 3, 4: Axial scans of the fetal abdomen at two different levels showing the opened defect of the spine.


Image 5: Coronal scan of the fetal lumbar spine showing the spina bifida.


Images 6, 7: The image 6 shows 3D view of the spina bifida. The image 7 shows postnatal appearance of the spinal defect.



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