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2008-07-30-15 Lymphangioma, cervical © Shah
Lymphangioma, cervical 


Jayprakash Shah, MD.

Rajni hospital, fetal medicine center, Ahmedabad Hon. Sonologist & fetal Medicine expert, V S Gen. Hospital & K.M. School of Post graduate medicine, Ahmedabad, India.

Case report

A 24-year old woman came to our center at 32 weeks of her pregnancy. Her previous scans were done in Uganda and were not suggestive of any anomaly. Our ultrasound examination revealed a multicystic mass within the right neck and upper thorax extending from the laryngeal region to the root of aorta suggestive of lymphangioma. The neck vessels were passing through the mass. There was no flow detected within the mass, ruling out hemangioma and no peristaltic movements was observed which helped us to rule out a duplication cyst. Fetal biometry and fetal Doppler were normal. 

The patient was followed up regularly, but no changes or hyperdynamic circulation was found and the rest of the pregnancy was uneventful. The patient underwent a cesarean section and the newborn didn"t show any sings of respiratory distress or feeding problems. The diagnosis was confirmed and the baby underwent surgery at one month of life and the baby is doing well.

Image 1: The image shows a multicystic structure of the neck and upper thorax of the fetus representing the lymphangioma.


Images 2, 3: MRI images showing the fetal lymphangioma of the cervical and upper thoracic region.


Video 1, 2: The videos show ultrasonographic and MRI sequences showing the fetal lymphangioma of the neck and upper thorax.



Images 4, 5: Peroperative images showing the mass of the cervical lymphangioma.


Images 6, 7: Peroperative images showing the mass of the cervical lymphangioma.



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