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2008-10-04-11 Amniotic bands © Volkov
Amniotic bands

Andrey Volkov, MD, PhD.

Department of Obstetric and Gynecology ¹ 1 Rostov Medical University, Rostov on Don, Russia.



Case report

A 23-year old woman (G1P0) presented to our unit at 16+5 weeks of her pregnancy. Our ultrasound examination revealed following findings:
- Amniotic bands adhering to the upper part of the fetal body;
- Hyperechoic bowel;
- Micromelia;
- Generalized fetal edema.
The parents opted for the termination of the pregnancy, but they refused further fetal studies.

Images 1, 2, 3, 4: The image show amniotic bands entrapping upper part of the fetal body.




Images 5, 6: The image 5 shows dilated fetal cervical lymphatic sacs. The image 6 shows prominent fetal edema surrounding the fetal head.


Images 7, 8: The images show the fetal edema of the nuchal (image 7) and thoracic region of the fetus.


Images 9, 10: The image 9 shows short femur of the fetus. The image 10 shows hyperechoic bowels of the fetus.



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