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2001-01-15-06 Ovary, cystic teratoma © Hurtado

 Ovary, cystic teratoma

Laura Hurtado, MD, Miguel Marrone, MD, Julio Bologna, MD

Olavarria, Argentina

This 32-year-old mother has a 37 weeks, 4 day baby girl. A 52 mm pelvic cyst was found on the left side of the pelvis. The baby was delivered by C-section (Apgar 9, weight 2600g). A high a-fetoprotein was noted. A postnatal scan found the left sided cyst but a repeat scan 24 hours later found the cyst on the right side.  On the fifth postnatal day the baby was taken to surgery. The pathology of the cyst was a Cystic Teratoma.

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