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2010-1-19-13 Vein of Galen aneurysm © Iacovache

Vein of Galen aneurysm

Tudor Iacovache, MD., Ioana Gadiuta, MD.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Brasov, Romania.


Case report

We report a case of a 30-year-old G2P1 who was referred to our department at 31 weeks of gestation for a suspected anomaly of the fetal head. Her previous pregnancy was uneventful and she had non-contributive personal or family history. The ultrasound examination showed a midline vascularized cystic structure. The location and Doppler signal suggested an aneurysm of the vein of Galen.

High-output heart failure started to develop. The fetal heart was enlarged and jugular veins dilated. Fetus developed a hydrops with ascites and hydrothorax. The findings were so severe that it unfortunately died after delivery.

Images 1,2: Images show a midline cystic structure (indicated by arrows), Doppler shows a strong blood flow within the mass.


Images 3-8: Images show a vein of Galen aneurysm, note the vascularization of the mass, cause of the high-output heart failure.




Images 9, 10: Doppler curve demonstrating the flow within the aneurysm.


Images 11,12: Image 11 shows an enlarged fetal heart. Image 12 shows dilated jugular vein.


Images 13, 14: Images show carotid artery and jugular vein.


Images 15, 16: Dilated jugular veins, due to a heart failure.


Image 17: Doppler shows a pulsatile pattern of the umbilical vein and high impedance of the umbilical artery flow.




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