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2010-2-22-10 Hemivertebra with scoliosis © Manohar

Hemivertebra with scoliosis
S. Manohar, MD, DMRD., M. Mohan Karthikeyan, MD, DMRD.


Case report

The following images show a case of healthy G1P0. Multiple hemivertebrae were causing a serious scoliosis in the lumbar region of the spine. There was no sign of an open neural tube defect or meningocele. The sacral and majority of the thoracic region have a normal appearence. 
Hemivertebrae start from the lower thoracic spine and involve the entire lumbar spine. 
There was no other anomaly detected.

Images 1,2: Image 1 shows a normal axial view of the brain. Image 2 shows a lower thoracic and lumbar region of the spine, note vertebral defects.

Images 3,4: Images show hemivertebrae.

Images 5,6: 3D images show the spinal deformity, the abnormal curvature of the spine due to hemivertebra in the lumbar region.

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