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Articles » Multiple gestations » Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome
2001-05-04-23 Twins, reversed arterial perfusion syndrome © Machado

Twins, reversed arterial perfusion syndrome

Luiz Eduardo Machado, MD

Intro, Centro de Treinamento em Diagnóstico por Imagem, Salvador – Bahia – Brasil

This is a acardiac fetus, investigated with 3D ultrasound. The first image demonstrates the pump twin on top and the acardiac below:

Frontal and lateral views of the acardiac, note the similitude to the baby after delivery

The large edema at the cephalic pole.

Doppler signal demonstrates flow in the umbilical arteries with the flow directed in reversed fashion.

The normal fetus:

After delivery: the acardiac twin with it"s hypotrophic cord and partial membranes. The pump twin survived in spite of the large size of the acardiac.

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