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Articles » Skeletal » Prenatal cortical hyperosthosis; Caffey disease
2010-05-21-10 Cortical hyperostosis; Caffey disease © Moeglin
Cortical hyperostosis; Caffey disease

Daniel Moeglin, MD.

Centre Pluri-Disciplinaire de Diagnostic Prenatal, Nice, France.

Case report
This is a case of a 31 year old G2 P1 with unremarkable personal or family history. She was referred to our centre for the ultrasound examination at 31 weeks of gestation. The ultrasound findings included bilateral shortening of the femur bones and mildly increased amount of the amniotic fluid. There was an increased echogenicity and hyperostosis seen on both of the femur bones and ribs. Our diagnosis based on the ultrasound findings was Caffey disease.
Patients opted for the pregnancy termination.

Images 1-4: Images of the femur, note the increased echogenicity, irregular diaphysis.

Images 5,6: Fetal profile.

Images 7-10: Image sof thorax, note the shortened, irregular ribs with increased echogenicity.

Images 11,12,13: Images of the fetal bones. Note the irregularity of the diaphysis.

Video: Fetal femur, note the incresed echogenicity, irregular surface.

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