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2010-08-11-09 Endometrial polyps in early pregnancy © Cuillier
Endometrial polyps in early pregnancy

Fabrice Cuillier
, MD.

Department of Gynecology, Felix Guyon Hospital, 97400 Saint- Denis, Ile de la Reunion, France; tel: 0262 90 55 22; fax : 0262 90 77 30.

Case report

3 following cases of endometrial polyps which were found early in the pregnancy.

Case 1

A 34-year-old healthy G2 P1 came for the ultrasound examination at 10 weeks of gestation. Her personal and family history were unremarkable.
We found endometrial polyp during our examination. The pregnancy continued without any complication and patient delivered a healthy baby at term.

Images 1- 4: Endometrial polyp visible in the endometrial cavity.

Images 5,6: Image 5 shows a fetus next to the endometrial polyp. Image 6 shows 3D-image of the fetus and polyp next to it.

Case 2

A 30-year-old G7 P6 presented at 6 weeks of gestation for the ultrasound scan. Family and personal history were unremarkable.
The following images show endometrial polyp seen during the examination. We couldn't see the polyp on the follow-up ultrasound at 14 weeks, any more.

Images 7,8: Image 7 shows the fetus and yolk sac. Image 8 shows the endometrial polyp and fetus next to it.

Image 9,10: 2D and 3D-images of the polyp.

Case 3

A 34-year-old G3 P2 came for the ultrasound examination at 9 weeks of gestation. There were endometrial polyps seen during the examination. The rest of the pregnancy was unremarkable.

Images 11,12: Images show gestation sac and the polyp lying underneath.

Images 13,14: Image 13 shows endometrial polyp which measures 26 x 10 mm. Arrow on image 14 indicates the polyp, you can see the head of the fetus in the gestation sac.

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