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Articles » Maternal conditions that affect the fetus » Uterine synechiae
2010-09-17-15 Uterine synechiae © Merino
Uterine synechiae 

Miguel Merino, MD.

El Salvador.

Case report

A 32 -year-old G2 P0 was referred to our department at 23 weeks of gestation for the 2nd trimester ultrasound scan.
We did not detect any fetal anomaly during our exam. There was synechiae in the uterine cavity which showed signs of vascularization demonstrated by Doppler. Pregnancy was otherwise uncomplicated.

Images 1,2
: Image 2 shows vascularized uterine synechiae next to the fetal head.

Images 3,4: Doppler demonstrates vascularization of the synechiae, note maternal heart rate.

Images 5,6:  Uterine cavity with placenta and synechiae, note that placenta is extending along the synechiae.

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