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2010-06-28-15 Diaphragmatic hernia, left-sided © Iacovache

Diaphragmatic hernia, left-sided

Tudor Iacovache, MD.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Brasov, Romania.


Case report

This is a case of a left-sided diaphragmatic hernia diagnosed at 26 weeks of gestation. Patient was a 34-year-olg G2 P1 with non-contributive family or personal history. Baby was delivered at term but unfortunately died after delivery due to a lung hypoplasia.

Images 1,2: Image 1 shows a 4-chamber view, note stomach in the thoracic cavity pushing heart to the right. Image 2 shows heart shifted to the right and stomach next to it.

Images 3,4: Image 3 shows both heart and stomach in the thorax. Image 4 shows a transverse view of the abdomen, stomach is not visible because it's herniated to the thoracic cavity.

Images 5,6: Images show parasagittal view of the trunk. Stomach is herniated in the thorax, diaphragm is not visible.

Videos 1,2,3: Videos showing left-sided diaphragmatic hernia, heart is shifted to the right by the stomach which is herniated into the thoracic cavity.

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