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2010-09-22-8 Dacryocystocele © Cerekja

Albana Cerekja
, MD, PhD.

Ultrasound Division, ASL Roma B, Rome, Italy.

Case report

This is a case of a healthy G1 P0 with non-contributive family or personal history. First and second trimester ultrasound scans did not detect any abnormality. Ultrasound examination performed at 32 weeks revealed a dacryocystocele on the left. No other anomalies were found.

Images 1,2: Image shows a sagittal view of the fetal face, note an anechogenic cyst next to the orbit. Image 2 shows a frontal view of the fetal face, (*) indicates dacryocystocele.

Images 3-6: Transverse scans at the level of orbits. Dacryocystocele is communicating with the orbit.

Images 7,8: Images are showing the nose, dacryocystocele and left orbit.

Video 1,2,3: 32 weeks, videos showing unilateral dacryocystocele.

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