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2010-09-28-14 Axillary lymphangioma © Cuillier
Axillary lymphangioma

Service de Gynécologie-Obstétrique, Hôpital Félix Guyon, Saint-Denis de La Réunion, France.

Case report

A 30-year-old woman G1P0, was referred to our clinic at 20 weeks of gestation for the ultrasound finding of axillary lymphangioma. The previous ultrasound scans at 13 weeks was normal. The nuchal translucency and the triple test were both negative. Family and personal history were non-contributive.

Our ultrasound examination showed a large axillary lymphangioma located on the left. Left upper extremity was not moving. The subsequent scan at 24 weeks of gestation showed significant increase in the size of the lymphangioma. It was involving the left arm and left hemithorax. Color Doppler did not show any blood flow in the solid part of the tumor. There were no other malformations detected.

Patient decided for the pregnancy termination. The karyotype was normal, 46 XY. Diagnosis of the axillary lymphangioma was confirmed postnatally.

Images 1,2: Image 1 shows a transverse view of the thorax, lymphangioma is occupying left hemithorax. Image 2 shows a left axilla.

Images 3,4: Views of the left axilla.

Images 5,6: Lymphangioma.

Images 7,8: Image 7 shows Doppler imaging, note that lymphangioma is not vascularized. Image 8 shows the fetus after pregnancy termination with large lymphangioma arising from the left axilla, involving the left arm and hemithorax.

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