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2010-10-05-11 Cytomegalovirus infection with hydrocephalus © Leinart
Cytomegalovirus infection with hydrocephalus

Eva Leinart, MD, PhD,  Pamela Rhodes, RDMS, Ana Bircher, MD, Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD.

Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Case report

A 41-year-old G2 P0 was referred to our department at 15 weeks for an amniocentesis due to her advanced maternal age.
She had a history of early pregnancy miscarriage. Her personal and family history were both negative.
The ultrasound scan at 15 weeks did not show any abnormalities. The amniocentesis had a normal karyotype result.

The subsequent ultrasound scan at 19 weeks of gestation showed bilateral dilation of the lateral ventricles (12-13 mm).

Patient was counselled by geneticist who suggested a TORCH panel. The results confirmed a cytomegalovirus infection. Patient decided for the pregnancy termination.

Images 1,2: 19 weeks, axial view of the fetal brain, note dilation of both lateral ventricles (12-13 mm).

Images 3,4: Image 3 shows normal looking cerebellum and posterior fossa.

Images 5,6: Image 5 shows a transverse section of the fetal abdomen, with no sign of calcifications. Image 6 shows a 3D image of the fetus.

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