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2010-10-20-11 Hypospadia © Manohar


S. Manohar, MD., DMRD., M.Mohan Karthikeyan, MD., DMRD.


Case report

Ultrasound examination at 36 weeks of gestation revealed the folowing findings:
  • Broadened, bulbous tip of the penis; triangular appearance of the penis
  • Undescended testis; no testicular echos within the scrotum
Color Doppler is a very useful tool for the diagnosis of hypospadia. We can demonstrate a fan shaped urinary jet coming from the inferior part of the penis instead of the tip of the penis.

Images 1,2: Image 1 shows a penis with hypospadia and undescended testis. Image 2 shows a normal penis, note the difference between these two images.

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