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2010-10-28-10 Omphalocele © Contarin


Francesco Contarin, MD.

Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital. Caracas. Venezuela.

Case report

This is a case of a 25-year-old G1 P0 with a diamniotic dichorionic pregnancy. The ultrasound examination of the first twin was normal. There was an omphalocele at the second twin with no other associated anomalies.
The neonate underwent surgery after delivery and is doing well.

Images 1,2: A transverse view of the abdomen with omphalocele. The defect is in the midline with umbilical cord inserted to the top of the protruding mass. Omphalocele contains part of the liver.

Images 3,4: Omphalocele, note the thin membrane which covers the surface of the omphalocele. Image 4 shows a sagittal view of the abdomen.

Images 5,6: Images of the neonate with omphalocele taken after delivery.

Images 7: A twin after surgical correction of the omphalocele.

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