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2010-12-08-09 Circumvallate placenta © Faschingbauer
Circumvallate placenta

Christa Faschingbauer
, MD.


Case report

This is a case of a circumvallate placenta diagnosed at 15 weeks of gestation. You can see a placental "marginal shelf" which is a short band of tissue attached to the surface of the placenta which differentiates them from synechiae. Placental margins, where the membrane attaches, are elevated.

Images 1,2
: The images show elevated placental margin.

Images 3,4: The images shows the band of tissue, the placental "marginal shelf". The shelf attaches to the fetal surface of the placenta.

Images 5,6
: 3D-images of the circumvallate placenta, note the elevated placental margins and a thin band of tissue attached to them.

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