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2011-01-03-16 Diastematomyelia © Manohar


Sivasamy Manohar, MD., DMRD.

Case report

This is a case of diastematomyelia diagnosed during the ultrasound scan at 29 weeks of gestation.

Images 1,2: image 1 shows a coronal section of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine, note the widening of the spine and echoic septum in the middle of the spinal canal splitting the spinal cord. Image 2 shows a sagittal view of the same spinal region with deformities.

Images 3-6: Transverse view of the lumbar spine, marker on image 3 indicates an echoic (bony, cartilaginous) septum splitting the spinal cord. Images 4,5 show the split spinal cord (markers). Image 6 shows a 3D rendering of the lumbar spine, note the spurs which were seen on the previous 2D images as an echoic septum splitting the spinal cord.

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