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2011-04-14-15 Ebstein anomaly © Manohar

Ebstein anomaly

Sivasamy Manohar, MD.

Madurai, India.

Case report

This is a case of Ebstein anomaly with markedly dilated right atrium, with apical displacement of the tricuspid valve and tricuspid regurgitation.

Images 1,2
: Images show a reverse flow through ductus arteriosus.

Images 3,4: Image 3 shows a sagittal view of the fetal thorax with markedly dilated right atrium. Image 4 shows a color Doppler during systole demonstrating a severe tricuspid regurgitation.

Videos 1-4: Videos 1-3 show grossly dilated right atrium with apical displacement of the tricuspid valve compared to the mitral valve. Video 4 shows color Doppler with a severe tricuspid regurgitation.


Video 5,6: Color Doppler demonstrating a reverse flow in the ductus arteriosus (red color).

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