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2011-06-07-18 Lung sequestration © Quiroga

Lung sequestration

Hector Quiroga, MD.

Centro Médico Profesional Rosancar. Barquisimeto, Estado Lara, Venezuela.

Case report

This is a case of a 27-year-old patient, G2P1, who was referred to our unit for evaluation of a thoracic echogenic mass. Our ultrasound examination revealed a left extralobar lung sequestration.

Images 1,2: Sagittal view of the left hemithorax, note a hyperechoic lung lesion.


Images 3,4: Color Doppler shows an aberrant feeding vessel arising from the descending aorta.


Images 5,6: Color Doppler and the pulse wave of the feeding aberrant vessel.


Images 7-9: Multi-planar views of the lung sequestration. 


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