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  2012-02-06-15  Ovarian Cyst  © Fabrice Cuillier 

Ovarian Cyst 
Department of Gynecology, Félix Guyon'Hospital, 97400 Saint-Denis, Réunion, France. 

Case report:

A 25-year-old primigravida was referred to our prenatal unit at 33 weeks for further evaluation of a right fetal abdominal mass. 

Ultrasound examinations at 12 weeks (nuchal translucency: 0,5 mm) and at 24 weeks revealed no abnormality. 

At 33 weeks, the third ultrasound scan revealed appropriate-for-gestational-age growth index The fetus has a right abdominal cystic mass. The mass was approximately 49 x 42 x 45 mm in size. The cyst appeared well delineated and anechogenic. A “daughter sign” was present (image 1,2,3). There was no polyhydramnios or hydrops. The sex was female. Kidneys were normal. At 37 weeks, the cyst had the same size, with peripheral calcification and blood accumulation on ovarian floor (image 4). Middle cerebral artery doppler did not show any fetal sign of anemia.   
The couple was referred to genetic counseling. Amniocentesis was not performed. The diagnosis was torsion ovary cyst. 

Image 1-4:


The baby was delivered spontaneously at 40 weeks, with a normal postnatal adaptation. At day 4, the baby was operated. The uterus was normal. The right annex was necrotic. Right annexectomy was done. Left ovary was normal. 
The mother and her baby were discharged at day 10.  
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